Thermal Oxidizers

Hero Flare offers a wide range of Thermal Oxidizers. Thermal oxidizers (TO) are generally used with Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE) requirements above 99%, waste streams with a very low heat content (<200 Btu/SCF), or hazardous gases that require advanced technology to ensure total destruction.

maximum destruction rate

Thermal oxidizers operate by the Three T’s: Time, Temperature, and Turbulence. By heating a chamber to a temperature between 1400°F and 1800°F and then mixing the waste gases with air, the mixture resides in the chamber for sufficient time to decompose the gases into inerts such as water and carbon dioxide.

The HERO Flare Thermal Oxidizers can guarantee a 99% – 99.99% DRE and are 40 CFR 60.18 compliant.

By utilizing the heat of the waste gas and controlling the amount of air going into the chamber, HERO Flare’s Thermal Oxidizers can significantly reduce the amount of assist gas needed, up to 30% compared with regular flare consumption.

Standard Features