our rental fleet

Our fleet consists of various equipment options to meet your specific application. Our systems are available to provide our customers with economical short-term rental options for facility turn arounds, pipeline blow-downs, tank degassing, or any other temporary need for disposing of gases or liquids while meeting or exceeding the EPA regulatory guidelines.

Flexible Rental Options 

Short-term rental options

Our equipment can be rented for as short as one (1) week.

Long-term Rental Options

For longer term rental periods, Hero will provide a discounted rate.


For those customers that may not want to spend the capital up-front, Hero can provide a flexible rental plan that will result in the client owning the equipment.

rental equipment basics 

Rental Fleet Equipment

Portable Trailer Flares

13′, 30′ & 60′ Tall Stacks Available

Liquid knockout systems

Automated or Manual Liquid Level Control

Guy wired flares

Stacks Ranging from 40′ to 198′ Tall


Trailer Mounted or Guy Wire Supported

Thermal oxidizers

Skid Mounted with Controls  

turnkey flaring

We can provide manpower and all equipment!

we are here to make your job easier.....

Hero has qualified operators that can carry out the entire job in order to allow you to focus on what you are good at and HERO can focus on what we are good at!

Our team is available 24/7 for emergency maintenance repairs and/or scheduled maintenance turnarounds. Our operators are fully trained and certified to safely and efficiently carryout project.