High  Pressure Air or Gas Flare

When steam or electric is not available on-site, our high pressure gas assist or air assist technologies are viable options to achieve smokeless capacity.  This technology can also be used to retrofit an existing flare stack that is experiencing smoke formation and outside of the environmental compliance regulations.

Below are pictures of an application where a gas plant began to handle heavier feed gas, causing their flare to smoke. Hero Flare retrofitted an abandoned flare stack with a new High Pressure Air (HPA) flare tip. A 30 Hp rotary screw compressor supplied the high pressure air for smoke free operation. These photos are the same gas, same day, equivalent flow rate. The client engineer looked like a HERO to his boss!

gas assist

With Air Assist Turned On; Same Day!

gas assist

Without Air Assist Turned On.

Typical Applications

High Pressure Gas or Air Assist flares are a low cost solution to comply with EPA standards 40 CFR 60.18, Method 22 to achieve smokeless compliance as well as ensure the surrounding community is put as ease with a clean burning flame.  Typical applications for this flare are…..

Specific  Features & benefits

High Stability Flare Tip – These flare tips are suitable for all hydrocarbon vapors. Stainless steel construction ensures a long tip life.

Fast Delivery – Normal delivery is 5-10 weeks. Emergency delivery can be 10 days.

Meets EPA Regulations – HERO High Pressure Air (HPA) flares meet EPA and state regulations. We guarantee 98% or better hydrocarbon destruction efficiency. Often, this retrofit does not require a new permit application.

Easy to Retrofit – The new tip is custom designed to fit the existing flare stack connections. “Lift and bolt” is our installation goal.

New Pilot Ignition System – While we can reuse existing pilots and ignition systems, most retrofit projects include new spark ignited pilots and control panels. Shop tested to work the first time. Why not solve two problems at once?

Engineering Assistance – Use our engineering staff for specialized technical assistance on flare design and operation. Structural calculations, API datasheets and thermal radiation profiles are available.