Our Combustors

The Hero Flare Enclosed Vapor Combustors are an effective, efficient and economical alternative to achieving compliance with Quad-O EPA regulations. As an industry flare/combustor leader, Hero offers more Quad-O EPA listed compliant combustors models than any other company. Our combustors are designed to destruct VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other vapors produced from oil storage
vessels. The low pressure, high efficiency burner assemblies in the Hero model line destruct tank vapors at a >98.0% rate, while allowing continuous depressurization of storage vessels.

Hero’s combustors are safe to operate, reliable and EPA compliant……making them an ideal solution for those applications requiring no visible flames.

combustor Features

  • Eight (8) Hero EPA Certified combustor models
  • Fully QUAD o compliant achieving up to 99.5% DRE
  • Internal refractory to minimize skin temperature
  • pilot accessible outside of unit for ease of maintenance

Burner Management System

  • 120vac or battery / solar powered systems available
  • led screen readout for status indication
  • high temperature monitoring / shutdown
  • flashback monitoring with fail close safety valve - optional
  • automated pilot ignition systems with continuous monitoring

Applications Served

  • Tank batteries
  • Loading Terminals
  • Compressor Stations
  • Biogas
  • Mining
  • Fabrication

Optional Items Available

  • Stack exit bird screen
  • Start-up & commision
  • Flashback monitoring system
  • Flame or detonation arrestors
  • Pre-cast concrete base with anchors
  • Automated waste gas valve