Low Pressure Air Assist

air assist

Low Pressure Air Flare - Gas Plant

air assist

Low Pressure Air Flare - Storage Facility

air assist

Air Assist - Tank Battery

HERO Flare is a leading supplier for providing proven Air Assist technology to achieve smokeless capacities. Low pressure air is an excellent method for smoke free combustion of heavier gas streams. The flare gas and blower air flow coaxially to the flare tip where they mix. The blower air provides a significant portion of the stoichiometric air required for combustion and generates sufficient mixing turbulence to eliminate smoke formation.

The low pressure air comes from a centrifugal or axial blower mounted at the bottom or side of the flare stack. Smaller production flares use a 1-5 hp blower. Large air flares may have two 150 hp air blowers.

The low pressure air flare was initially designed for tank vents and loading terminals. It is a common design for larger production facilities or gas plants.

Economically, a low pressure air flare is more efficient than a high pressure air flare, but the initial capital costs are slightly higher.

A properly operated air flare will achieve well over 98% destruction efficiency. But recent flare tests show that the air:hydrocarbon ratio must be within a certain range. Too much air can blow out the flame creating emissions visible on FTIR cameras. For this reason, we recommend a VFD drive for air flares larger than 5 hp.

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