Flare  Pilots & Retractable Systems

The flare ignition system is one of the most critical components on any flare system to ensure the flare gas is ignited under any conditions. HERO offers the best available flare pilot technologies to meet your specific application. With thousands of pilots in service, our Hotspot Ignition Systemâ„¢ utilizes the most reliable ignition probe technology to ensure reliable performance you can count on. The Hotspot pilot can be installed on new or existing flare stacks.

For rare applications, the Flame Front Generator (FFG) pilot may be a more suitable choice. Use our “Pilot Selection Guide” below to determine the best pilot ignition technology for your application. All of the HERO ignition systems can by provided with AC or Solar power and operate with either Natural Gas or Propane.

Hotspot Ignition System

Flame Front Generator

Flare  Pilots & Retractable Systems

Tired of retraction systems that hang up? Looking for an upgrade to the common Unistrut system that rusts and corrodes? The Hero Retraction system is better in almost every way. Heavy duty bearings and machined subcomponents ensure trouble-free operation. Stainless steel guide cables guarantee smooth travel from the base to the flare tip.

The HERO retractable system allows pilots to be raised and lowered at grade level by cranking a manual winch. This alleviates the need for any man baskets to access the pilots. Periodic maintenance and inspections can be carried out while the flare is in service.

Our pilot retraction system works!

The HERO retraction pilot system can be retrofitted on an existing flare stack with minimal field work required. Our system is designed to bolt onto the flare stack to alleviate any welding at high elevations.