3 Phase Separators

3 Phase separators are typically found at a well site downstream of a sand separator. They separate well fluid into flashed hydrocarbon gas, oil/hydrocarbon liquids, and water into 3 streams for further processing.

The HERO Flare 3 Phase separators are designed based on the latest GPSA and API 12 guidelines. Furthermore, they are evaluated with multi-phase, transient CFD stimulations to verify:

1. Adequate liquid residence time is achieved for appropriate liquid-liquid separation.

2. Ensure internals are appropriately positioned to promote good liquid flow distribution.

3. Quantify estimated water-carry over in the oil stream.

4. Ensure 150 um gravity settling is achieved in the gas activity section.

5. Confirm nozzles are appropriately sized and located.

HERO Flare 3 Phase separators are available in horizontal and vertical configurations in common industry sizes to meet your processing needs.

The HERO Flare 3 Phase “standard” separators utilize cost-efficient oil-weir designs with the wide operating envelope interface level control approach. Double bucket designs with independent level controls are also available for those cases where liquid specific gravity is expected to change significantly or the oil flow rate is low or unknown.

HERO Flare 3 Phase separator gas flows are maximized to separate liquid droplets up to 150 um in the gas gravity separation section. Vane packs further enhance droplet removal down to the 10 um for worry-free operation of downstream compression equipment.

They can also be skid mounted, customized, and trimmed out with wash out nozzles, manways, and test separator instrumentation packages.