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We specialize in designing flares that comply with all EPA guidelines

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HERO Flare designs, manufactures and services flare systems ranging from our standard "in stock" flares available for mmediate shipment to custom engineered flare systems to meet your specific application.  The HERO team is dedicated to providing our customers with reliable flares at extremley competitive prices. Our flares are commonly used at tank battery sites, gas processing plants, compressor stations, specialty chemical plants and loading terminals.



Hero Flare - Air Assisted Flare - Smokeless Flare  

Hero Flare - Air Assist Flare - Gas Assist Flare - Smokeless Flare

Hero Flare - Sonic Flare - Smokeless Flare 

Air Assist Flare - Smokeless

Gas Assist Flare - Smokeless

 Sonic Flare - Smokeless


Hero Flare - Flare Pilot - Flare Pilot Retraction System - Flare Ignition System  

In Stock
  Hero Flare - Portable Flare - Trailer Flare - Blowdown Flare 

Hero Flare - Flame Arrestor - Flashback Protection - Flashback Suppression System 

  Flare Ignition Systems 

  Portable Flares 

Flare Ignition Systems




Consulting and Engineering Services

  Field Service Services Available

  • Certificates of Compliance.
  • Structural & mechanical design of guy wire and self-supported flare stacks.
  • Review of existing flare systems to resolve smoke problems or safety issues.
  • Thermal radiation calculations.
  • Pressure drop profiles.
  • Technical assistance for environmental permitting and compliance.

 Consulting and Engineering Services







Smokeless Retrofit kits
Economical  retrofit kits to modify your existing tank battery flares to bring them up to Quad O compliance. 

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Flashback Protection
Low Cost & Easy to Install Tank Vapor Flashback Protection Systems.

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In Stock Flares
Flares, Pilots and Flame Arrestors available for immediate shipment

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